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Culture – Museums

Learn about the culture and folklore of our place and get to know the production and distillation of ouzo. Multi-cultural center The core of cultural life of the city is the “Multi-cultural center” old soap factory that houses conference hall, conference, permanent and temporary exhibitions. Gets the name “Benjamin the Lesbian”, in honor of the…

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Dining – Entertainment

Enjoy the unique Ouzo of Plomari with seafood appetizers in our taverns and also your morning coffee or drink in our Coffee Launch Bars. Night entertainment and fun in the night club and bars.

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Climbing – Trekking

Climbing flat rock in the form of “sport” climbing into “tracks”, ie predefined and often premarked routes. Walk the wonderful nature trails and discover the natural beauty of our region.

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Lesvian Workshop – Make your own “Plomarian” Soap


Mushroom Hunting


Cooking Lesson “Ouzo-Meze”


Guided Birdwatching Tours

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Flowers Observation Tours